Frequently asked questions.

  • What’s the science behind WiredVibe?

    We try to find the best way to combine our technology and music. Until now, we have invented some really effective methods to create our tracks, that not only satisfy the final user’s needs but also delivers great results. From a scientific point, our sound platform is using different frequencies specific for each activity that you’re currently immersed in, 3D spatial sounds, and different types of tones, in order to amplify your state of being, this way becoming more productive, relaxed, etc.

  • Is WiredVibe using binaural beats?

    Our app doesn't use the classic binaural beat concept. We've reinvented this original idea and found a new way to alter mental states in order to get the desired result.

  • Am I tied to a contract?

    No. You can cancel at any time from your Account Settings.

  • Do you recommend any gear?

    We suggest using high quality earphones, headphones, or sleep headphones.

  • What devices can I use to listen to WiredVibe?

    Right now, we recommend using only your laptop or computer, with the latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Our mobile app is still in the works.


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