Music to Improve Your Focus.

We believe the future of sound lies in greater possibilities for the individual. So we built a more productive music experience.

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Take Control of Your Life.

Real time mental state control for better focus, relax, and sleep.

Choose How You Want to Feel.

WiredVibe helps you maximize your efficiency, so you can live a longer, fuller, productive life. Music has never been so capable to bring you that close to your desirable mood.

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Backed by Science.

Based on health benefits of brainwave technology, we've developed a new science-proved formula. Our sound library is constantly updated, tested and improved.

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Sound Therapy. Reinvented.

Our Wellness feature provides you with the perfect music in order to help with your Tinnitus or ADHD. We're pioneering a new paradigm in which sound theraphy is accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Ready to get started?


Whether you are a student, engineer, or artist – we can help you take your productivity game to the next level.